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Earth Day 2020

Updated: May 7, 2020

Although we should show appreciation for our planet every day, April 22nd, 2020 is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. What have we learned in fifty years? Some may argue, not much. But we think the world has learned some lessons from this pandemic, and we're optimistic.

Think globally, act remotely

In Boston, “attend” the public Facebook event on Saturday April 18th from 10 AM- 12 PM, sponsored by earthday2020boston.org. It will include politicians including Senator Markey, nonprofits such as Massachusetts Audubon, and musicians to build community and take action on climate change. Come join!

The silver lining

During this horrid pandemic, it’s great to see at least one amazing benefit: the reduced amount of air pollution around the world, as the number of airplanes, cars, and working factories plummets. Many people have noticed clearer skies and more animal activity: Even the captive pandas, notorious for not breeding in zoos, are mating! And it’s not just the zoo animals who are feeling less inhibited; Coronavirus lockdowns on humans have allowed wild animals to move more freely all over the world. The Washington Post has some amazing footage from Wales, Brazil, India, and Spain. The Coronavirus lockdown may have also saved thousands of human lives just from a reduction in pollution! Check out this great article in Forbes.

We can do it!

Governments around the world have taken bold actions to stop the spread of Coronavirus. What if countries considered climate change as serious a threat as this pandemic? What if individuals did, as well? We’ve shown this spring, as citizens of Planet Earth, that we can act as one and work together to protect each other. Let’s learn from this experience and use it as a template to follow now, and moving forward.

What small steps can you take now, and forever?

  • Drive less

  • Combine your errands

  • Work from home more often

  • Have more teleconference meetings

  • Fly less often for work and vacation

  • Consume less meat (please watch the movie Cowspiracy)

  • Buy local produce in season, instead of fruits and vegetables from around the world

  • Buy directly from local farmers

  • Be a more thoughtful consumer: Less stuff = fewer emissions

  • Reuse your bags when buying in bulk (after the pandemic)

  • Reuse items over and over before recycling them

  • Take a class on climate change (this one is offered by Harvard)

  • Read a book about climate change

What other ways can you help improve our climate? We would love to hear from you and add your ideas to our list.


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