Home Inspectors

A home inspection is an inexpensive way to discover the overall condition of a home. It is recommended to conduct a home inspection so you don’t mistakenly purchase a property in need of major repairs. A home may look move-in ready, but an inspector will look at features of the house such as electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, insulation, and the structural integrity of the home. An inspection is done within 5 days of an accepted offer and takes about three hours. Click here to learn more about the inspection. When you're ready to contact an inspector, consider using one of these skilled and reliable home inspectors with whom we've worked over the years:

Rich Aiello
I-Spy Home Inspection
Winthrop, MA
phone: 617-207-1963
email: hmechk@aol.com

Morgan Cohen (request him when you call)

MKC Associates Home Inspection

Greater Boston Area

phone: 888-652-4677 


Mark George
Home Inspection Associates
Methuen, MA
phone: 800-892-0500

Tracey Litt (go here to read her guest blog)

Litt Home Inspection

Medford, MA

phone: 617-631-8446

email: tracey@litthomeinspection.com


Mohan Singh

Outlook Home Inspection

Lexington, MA

phone: 617-909-1780

email: mohan@outlookinspection.com


Alex Steinberg 

JBS Home Inspections

Cambridge, MA

phone: 617-924-1028

email: alex@jbsinspections.com


Franck van den Elsen (request him when you call)

Tiger Home Inspection

Braintree, MA

phone: 800-628-4437