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Dog lovers now have a podcast

Updated: May 12, 2021

The "About" page on Jaclyn Smith's Closer to Dog website starts like this:
A group of adorable pets asking "which homes are puppy friendly?"

"Do you find small talk with a stranger leads to a ten-minute conversation about your dog’s love of fire trucks? Or, a 401k conversation with your in-laws ends with a lecture on what a Coywolf is? Then you're probably in the right place."

I met Jaclyn at the Somerville Dog Festival back in September, when she handed me a card and asked if I'd be a guest on her podcast that's about all things dog.

I loved that she was interested in having a Realtor on her show, so we set up a date and recorded a 30-minute conversation about the challenges dog owners face when searching for a home.

We spoke about the essential Pet Resume, named the various insurance companies that will provide additional coverage for dogs, and shared my personal story of searching for a home with my dog.

Click here to listen to the episode, and if you want to hear more, check out all of Jaclyn's podcast episodes. The interview with a wolf handler from Wolf Hollow in Ipswich, MA is fascinating.

While you're at it, please show Jaclyn some love and subscribe! She is doing this all on her own time, with her own money, and it's getting better and better the more she does.

If you own a dog or other pet and have Real Estate questions, please contact us. Our experience in the Greater Boston area and our knowledge of the challenges involved when you own a pet will allow us to translate your wants and needs into the right home for you.

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