• Liz

Real estate down time

What do Ellie and I do when we’re not selling real estate? One obvious answer is: we write blog posts! But seriously, folks. In our market, busy times come and go. Spring brings a slew of new listings which keep us busy with both buyers and sellers. The fall market is robust as well, but things tend to slow down in December and January. So how do we spend our spare time?

Winter is a great time to look back on the past year, take stock of what we’ve accomplished, and note what's lacking. For example, we make sure we have everything we need to educate our clients: Is our Seller Timeline missing anything? Can we make a section in our Buyer’s Guide more clear? Do we need a new document to explain what exactly happens after a Purchase & Sale? Or why staging is a great idea? We’ve created several new pieces this winter to give our clients solid information on every part of the buying or selling process.

We also take this time to learn, in the form of continuing education and accreditation classes. I’m attending a two-day class on Buyer Representation early next week, and I’m very excited about shoring up my skills in anticipation of a busy spring.

Since I used to be a graphic designer, I like spending some quiet time tweaking our website. I want everything to be perfect; good luck with that, right? But it’s nice, when we’re not racing around showing houses, to just stare at the screen. You see things you might not notice otherwise.

Because we know the spring market is going to keep us hopping, we also try to squeeze in a vacation or two in the winter months. One of the best parts about having a business partner is that one of us can go away feeling secure the other knows everything she needs to know about our clients, and the traveling partner might even stop looking at her phone all the time! (Ellie, I’m talking to you. When you are doing yoga in Costa Rica and Mexico next week, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE.)

The slower months also give us a chance to explore some of our passions. I took on the #cook90 challenge from Epicurious, which means cooking three meals a day, every day, for an entire month. I can’t claim to have met the challenge 100%, but it did force me to think more about what I’m eating, explore new recipes, and save some money on eating out. My family certainly appreciates it, knowing that in the spring they’ll dine on take-out pizza three times a week. Or, hey, maybe they could learn to cook?

One of Ellie’s passions is fostering dogs, and having more time to care for them in the winter means she can accept more fosters. It’s less appealing to visit a dog park in 15˚ weather, but it’s always fun to meet new pups and see them interacting with her current charge.

So there you have it: the exciting life of a real estate agent in winter. Don’t ask us what we do in spring: we’ll be too busy to answer!