• Liz

Yard sharing—it's a thing.

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Happy spring! The crocuses and daffodils are blooming, the maple and oak trees have started to bud, and the worms are climbing up towards the warm topsoil…but you don’t have a yard to garden in, even though you love to garden? Or maybe you have a yard but don’t have the time, energy, or desire to make things grow?

Perhaps you would like to join My City Gardens, a yard share collective based in and around Boston. This is a legitimate thing: if you have a yard or garden that you don’t use, you can look through a whole list of gardeners in your area. Email, talk, meet up, and you’ve got yourself a (FREE!) gardener.

Or if you’re one of the many Massachusetts residents who live in an apartment with no gardening space, a condo with restrictions on yard use, or a plot too small to make your gardening dreams come true, you can join My City Gardens and locate the perfect plot.

Here’s their vision, taken from their website: “Instead of urban and suburban areas being a sea of buildings connected by streams of concrete and monoculture lawns, imagine the places where you live and work surrounded by lush strips of tasty vegetables and beautiful flowers.”

It’s a great way to build community, grow food and flowers, and help our neighborhoods become more beautiful!

This is a small movement, but it’s growing (pun intended) quickly. They even have informational flyers on their site that you can download and post in your neighborhood. So check out mycitygardens.com, sign up to garden or offer your yard, and spread the word about this innovative new way to make our communities greener, friendlier, and more delicious.

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