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What does and doesn’t matter when selling your home

When we first sit down with sellers, we remind them that selling a home, in the end, is a financial transaction. A home may hold a lifetime of memories for you; but a buyer won’t take any of that into consideration. Here are a few more things that don’t matter to the buyer:

What you paid

How much money you need in order to buy your new home

What your neighbor thinks

What you owe on your mortgage

How much you love your home

What another agent said three months ago

Instead, pricing your home correctly (what we call fair market value) is, hands down, the most influential factor in selling for the highest price, in the shortest time frame. We spend much of our initial hours doing research on a client’s home, then we set its price according to these factors:

Location, location, location

Number of square feet and lot size

The condition of your home

Your home’s defining features

Similar sales in the area


Timing (market cycle)

It is our job to take all the relevant information and use it to nail the listing price perfectly. But we also acknowledge the many other connections you have with your home. Bearing this in mind, we often use what you love about your home to write a spectacular listing description that draws in serious buyers. We know that selling a home can put stress on a person, and we use our expertise to lessen that stress whenever possible. Part of that is listening to you, and part of that is educating you, and we love doing both.

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