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Updated: Nov 16, 2020

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Our last blog was all about getting outside, but now it’s 37 F and raining, so we’re not stepping foot out there! That being said, if we’re going to be inside for however many days or weeks (please, Mother Earth, NOT months!), let’s make the best of the space we have. Here’s what we recommend:

Get rid of some stuff (*ahem* as much stuff as you possibly can)

Remove outdated, poorly-fitting, or rarely worn clothes. Recycle them through your town’s textile recycling program if you have one (Cambridge, Somerville, and Melrose do), drop them in one of the ubiquitous bins around town, or offer them on Freecycle. You’ll be amazed at the space in your closets and drawers, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for. Do the same for other areas of your home that feel full: purge stuff and donate or recycle it. Need more inspiration? Kathy Vines of Clever Girl Organizing wrote a blog for us to help you.

Maximize light

Eliminate dark, bulky window treatments, add mirrors to doors and walls, and use light-colored, neutral paint throughout your small space. You may even consider painting your floor a light color, if you’re feeling particularly hemmed in.

Rethink your bookcases

Try using floating shelves to hold your books instead of bulky bookcases; solitary shelves give the eye more wall to look at, and thus make your space look bigger.

Bigger and simpler is best

Choose one large framed picture or painting instead of sprinkling small pictures over a wall. It gives the eye more contiguous wall space to recognize, providing the illusion of more space. Instead of 4 small chairs, use one sectional sofa. 

Pull your furniture away from the wall

There are a lot of tips that involve your walls, aren’t there? Well, since your walls delineate your livable space, it makes sense to pay attention to them! If possible, pull chairs and other furniture away from the wall to give more access.

Glass is important

Wash your windows, inside and out; a clear view to the outside can do wonders for that claustrophobic feeling. Replace wooden coffee tables with something glass-topped. Think about switching out your shower curtain for a glass door. 

Take before and after pictures, and marvel at the changes you've made!


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