• Ellie

Exercise your right to free exercise

Updated: May 25, 2020

My daughter's jiu jitsu class moved to Zoom in mid-March, and I know many other families whose children now "attend" their activities online. I love watching her follow along, practicing the moves and laughing with her classmates. If she didn't have this physical outlet, our house would be a great deal messier...and there'd be more screaming and tears (not just from her, I admit).

I have noticed, however, that I'm not doing nearly as much physical activity as I did before the lockdown. I am playing teacher and mom all day, never mind my work duties. If you're anything like me, you're finding it difficult to inspire yourself to get moving. After all, everything around you seems to be in chaos. However, that's exactly what we all need to do. Exercise helps your body, mind, and spirit feel stronger in uncertain times.

Here are two free resources to help inspire you (yes, and me) to get back into an exercise routine. Check them out, then clear a space on the floor; mine is covered with drawings of dragons and 3D paper models of houses. Once that's done, work up a sweat and take care of yourself!