• Ellie

Anti-racism resources

It’s been over a month since protests first started after the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and millions of Americans have finally started speaking frankly with each other about issues facing Black Americans. We (Liz, Ellie and Rebecca) have gathered some resources to help us move forward. Today, we’d like to share some of these resources with you, and to say: You may be tired, but systematic racism has been in place for dozens of generations. It’s going to be hard. Keep learning. Keep protesting. Keep showing up.

Teaching Tolerance unpacks and explains the term “White Privilege” here. We also recommend doing this short exercise: If you are a White person, imagine you could be reborn today—but you'd have to specify if you'd rather be Black or White. Really think about, even consider writing down the reasons for your choice.

Buzzfeed put together a great article that’s easy to consume, with tons of links where you can get to work right away. It’s divided into sections, so just scroll down to your areas of interest.

This collection of resources from Forbes gives you a framework to follow when learning to be an anti-racist.

The Boston Globe recently reported on the overwhelming discrimination against Black renters in Boston. This is happening here and now. Look for our blog addressing this important issue, coming soon!

If you want a (nearly) exhaustive, annotated list of resources, scroll through this table and pick what works best for you.

Please share your own go-to resources for anti-racism work, as well.