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Compass Founder Robert Ruffkin introducing Compass Cares

Compass founder Robert Ruffin announcing Compass Cares to a full house of Compass professionals

As Compass agents, we are proud of our unparalleled peers, cutting edge technology, and top-of-the-line marketing. But now we have even more to feel great about!

This past summer, every Compass office around the country added another wonderful feature. It’s a charitable program called Compass Cares. It works like this:

1. Every transaction completed through a Compass agent results in a donation being made to the agent’s local community, with a national goal of $10 million in 2019.

2. Agents at each local office decide which organizations and charities to support; so instead of the head office dictating where the funds go, each locality has a voice.

3. Compass employees get paid to complete up to eight hours of local volunteer work each year.

Pretty cool, huh? We’re proud to be part of a company that allows its regional agents to have a say in how the donations are distributed. So far, our team has donated to these organizations:

Boston Pride

Cambridge Women’s Center

Cradles to Crayons

Great Dog Rescue

Somerville Foundation for Animals

We’ve just begun the program, so we’re excited to start sharing this incredible resource with our communities! Our own Ellie Botshon is one of two ambassadors for the Cambridge office, so if you have questions, contact us and she’ll answer them. Compass does CARE!

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