The world is full of challenging news. There are times when the issues facing us feel overwhelming, but we're not ready to give up and we bet you aren't, either. As a team, we try to focus some of our energy every day on actions, education, and donations to causes that mean something to us...and to all of you.


Click here for an alphabetical list of ten organizations we think are making a difference in the world. Take a few minutes to explore some of our favorites, and support if you feel inclined. Thank you so much for being a part of our community!


—Ellie, Liz, Akilah, and Rebecca

Liz & Ellie Real Estate

In the face of Haiti's catastrophic 7.2 magnitude earthquake, Fondasyon Konesans Ak Libète (Foundation for Knowledge and Liberty—FOKAL) is channeling funds to the smallholder farmer associations, grassroots women’s organizations, and ethical enterprises that are the true first responders, best able to facilitate local advocacy and economic recovery.

In Afghanistan, Taliban rule presents a crisis for women and girls. Clinics are overwhelmed; some universities are now closed to women; women are being removed from work; schools are being segregated by gender. 


Global Fund for Women supports human rights groups who protect and relocate human rights defenders.