Rebecca Taplin


Rebecca comes from a teaching background and serves as our team’s “Life Support.” She has worked with diverse populations, including immigrants and refugees, special needs students, children at Montessori schools, and people of all ages, from Kindergarten through adulthood.


What started out as helping keep Liz & Ellie’s records up to date six years ago has blossomed into an all-encompassing support role. Rebecca helps the team function smoothly. She keeps transactions on track, manages client outreach, and helps with short- and long-term business projects. She approaches her work with positivity, ensures accountability, and keeps us motivated and cheerful. Because of Rebecca’s role, Ellie and Liz are able to focus on you, our client, without worrying about whether the background tasks are getting done. 


Rebecca also gives Ellie and Liz invaluable advice from an outsider’s perspective, to keep them grounded in their clients’ real estate experience. In fact, after working with them for over 5 years and seeing how they do business, she used Liz and Ellie to help buy a new home and sell her old one. She will happily share her experience with you!

During her free time, you may find Rebecca identifying native plants in the woods, visiting relatives in Maine, or helping to take care of her family's 2 guinea pigs, the betta fish, and the leopard gecko.